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The Gospel and Cultural Choir at the University of Central Florida began its journey in the fall of 1979. The choir was designated to bring together students from different backgrounds that had one thing in common, the desire to spread God’s word through song. The choir’s purpose at the university is to continually enhance cultural heritage as well as become an effective liaison between the community and the university. Throughout the years, the Gospel and Cultural Choir has grown tremendously. We had about 17 members to start with and now encompass over 50 voices. Not only that, the choir’s presence has been visibly strong on campus as well as in the Central Florida area.

Our Mission

The mission of the Gospel and Cultural Choir is to come together in Christian fellowship to minister to the people of God through song. The Gospel and Cultural Choir strives to: 

  • Nurture distinct forms of cultural expression and inspiration for students on the UCF as well as throughout the campus

  • To serve as an avenue for student recruitment and retention. 

  • Provide music education and cultural awareness to UCF and surrounding communities. 

  • Serve as a liaison between the University and the Christian community.

Our Goals

The goal of the Gospel and Cultural Choir is to touch the life of at least one person in the audience of each event in which the organization is called to minister. The organization aims to become valuable Ambassadors for Christ which will be displayed through our actions, songs, and words. The purpose of the Gospel and Cultural Choir is to glorify the name of the Lord through the power of song. 


The Gospel and Cultural Choir would be nothing without its dedicated members. If you are interested in helping us fulfill our mission, goals, and legacy, please apply to be a member of this family within the University of Central Florida.


Meet the Executive Board

GCC Pres 21-22.jpg

Virginia Hayward

GCC VP 21-22.jpg

Vice President:
Tiffany Pugh

GCC Sec 21-22.jpg

Mikaelah Fidele

GCC Treas 21-22.jpg

Jacinda Sterlin

GCC PRD 21-22.jpg

Public Relations Director:
Loulou Lamothe

GCC MC 21-22.jpg

Membership Chair:
Elizabeth Holmes

GCC BM 21-22.jpg

Booking Manager:
Maya Reaves

Meet the E-Board
About Us


Honoring Alumni

This section is dedicated to all of our fantastic alumni who started the legacy of the UCF's Gospel & Cultural Choir. If our alumni would like to join our rehearsals, be a part of our events, and more, please contact Interested in singing again?! Complete our online Alumni Membership Application. We would love to have you all back with us again!

GCC Alumni
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