How you can donate and help OUR Choir

Members of the choir often are asked, "How do you guys get the funds to do all of this amazing work?" Others assume that since we are a student organization, UCF covers our expenses. The truth is that fundraising and donations have kept this organization going since 1979. Funding tours, concerts, and rehearsals can add up so every penny we receive is greatly appreciated. Without your help, this non-profit organization would have shut down a long time ago. We have included some links and guides on how to donate to us on this page. Therefore, we want to say this in advance:


-The GCC Family   

ways you can donate:



We accept donations at all rehearsals, fundraisers, concerts, and anywhere you run into an E-Board member on campus. Do not hesitate to give us a donation!

Paypal will allow you to donate online with your debit or credit card. A guide is included below on how to send us a donation online.


For additional ways to send us payments or help with donating, please contact our treasurer.





Cash App is the best way to donate to GCC via smartphone. Our handle is: $GCCatUCF

Please DO NOT check this box so fees are not taken from your donation.

A Paypal Guide